Adding a Syllabus or Any File (PPT, PDF, etc.)

Quick method:

 • Click the turneditingon button in the top right of the course page to enable editing.

 • Drag and drop the file onto the course section where you’d like it to appear.


(note: does not work with Internet Explorer 9 or lower)

Longer Method:

 • Click the Green Button at the top of your course to “Turn Editing On” turneditingon

 • Click “Add an activity or resource” addactivityresource

 • Choose “File” then “Add”

 • Click “Browse…” to find your syllabus then “Upload this file”

 • In the “Content / Select files” area, click the “Add…” Icon: 

 • Type a name for the file (ex: Syllabus)

 • “Save and return to course”