AD Migration


1. Run “RUN FIRST – Domain Check” with the current user logged in. A pop up will tell you if you’re done or if it needs to be migrated.

STEP 2 (if migration needed)

IMPORTANT: Ask the user if they have any saved passwords or encrypted files as these will not be migrated.


1. Run “RUN SECOND (if needed) – Migration Tool”

2. Choose “Local Computer (this computer the wizard is running on)” 

3. Select the LOCAL USER’S account


4. Enter AD Account username (see below, should be similar to email)


5. Verify successful migration and click Finished (and restart the PC)

6. Log into the PC as the domain user and verify that the profile has migrated. Check things like mapped drives, bookmarks, offer to reset Novell passwords, etc…


– If the migration tool fails try running it again.

– After a successful Domain Check, an inventory log is created on Exmoor

– We need to move user accounts into proper OUs even if we don’t migrate their machine (keep a list or contact Jim or Hurstel)