Computer Accounts

Information Technology Services provides a variety of computer and network access services to students, faculty, and staff. Accounts are normally maintained over holidays and breaks between terms. When an individual holding one or more of these accounts leaves the university, ITS staff will block access to those accounts and remove any files associated from the system. The following policies provide details on the administration of this policy. Questions about these policies or requests for assistance under special circumstances should be directed to


1.  AU accounts covered by this policy

  • Moodle Accounts
  • Novell accounts
  • Email accounts and associated web page hosting directories
  • Datatel accounts, including WebAdvisor


2.  Graduates and other students who do not register for the following semester 

This policy covers graduates as well as previously registered students who for any reason fail to register in the spring or fall semester. All graduates will have access to their accounts for 90 days after graduation. Students will be notified by an email message to their AU account notifying them of their account deletion date.  Summer term is not counted for purposes of this policy. Accounts for students who do not return to campus for a particular semester will be recreated at such time as those students do return to campus.


3.  Faculty and staff leaving the university and student workers leaving jobs 

Access to accounts for faculty and staff leaving the university will be blocked at the end of the last official day worked. Supervisors who wish to retain files belonging to staff leaving their jobs should submit a written request to Unless Information Technology Services has received a request from the departing employee’s supervisor to retain files associated with that account or copy them to a new location, those files will be deleted from the systems 30 days following the last day worked.


4.  Ownership and retention of data files

All data stored on University computer systems by employees of the University, including data files and email messages stored on desktop computers and servers, is considered to be the property of the University. When employees leave the university these data files may be retained and examined by University officials as needed.


5.  Emeritus Faculty

Faculty members who retire and are granted emeritus status may elect to retain their email accounts indefinitely. All other files and accounts will be terminated.


6.  Adjunct faculty and contractors 

Adjunct professors, contractors, and anyone else doing business with the University may be given computer accounts for specific purposes. These accounts will be maintained only for the period that individual is actively working with the university. Accounts for adjuncts who continue teaching for the university will be recreated as need by ITS staff for subsequent contract periods.


7.  Email accounts for alumni

Aurora University is unable at this time to provide email addresses for graduates. However, a forwarding service is available. Contact Information Technology Services for more information.


8.  WebAdvisor Accounts for alumni 

Students graduating from AU will continue to have access to their information on WebAdvisor.


9.  Unused accounts 

Except as stated in this policy any account which has not been used for 120 days is subject to termination.


10.  Students or staff temporarily away from the university 

In special cases in which an AU computer account holder plans to be temporarily away from the University (for example, a student taking a term off to work or study abroad or a staff member taking a leave of absence) may petition for the maintenance of accounts during their absence. Email forwarding and vacation message services are available. Staff interested in making these arrangements should send a written request to If a request for extension is not received, accounts will be handled as noted above in points 3 and 4.


11.  Terminations based on policy violations

Violations of the AU Acceptable Use Policy may result in loss of computing privileges, including the temporary loss of access to some or all accounts, or permanent termination of accounts. These cases will be handled individually according to applicable university procedures.


12.  Library accounts

All borrower accounts on the ILCSO library system, including both student and staff accounts, expire on the first day of September. However, the borrower accounts for all current students, faculty, and staff are automatically renewed at the same time, so there should be no interruption of services for continuing students, faculty, and staff.