Computer Labs

The statements outlined in the general Aurora University Computer Use Policy are applicable in the AU computing labs. In addition, the following policies apply:

General Lab Policies

  1. Access to the computers or computer-related equipment in the Aurora University computer labs is limited to current Aurora University students, faculty and staff members with valid AU identification cards. Visitors may use the labs as part of officially sanctioned university events.

  2. All users of Aurora University computer facilities are expected to understand and comply with the provisions of the United States copyright laws as they apply to computer software and its documentation, and to refrain from creating or using illegal copies of software on AU computing equipment. See the AU Software Copying Policies.

  3. The AU computer labs are intended for instructional and official use. Commercial or business use of lab equipment is prohibited at all times. Academic use takes precedence over recreational use: students using the computers for recreational purposes will be asked to relinquish their machines if students are waiting to do class work.

  4. The printers in the labs are intended to serve the individual-copy printing needs of lab users, not as a replacement for photocopy machines. Users who need to produce multiple copies of a document should print a master and either use one of the public copy machines on campus (copy cards are available for sale in the library) or take the master to the university Copy Center.

  5. No food or drink is allowed in the computer labs.

  6. In order to maintain a studious environment in the labs speakers are not connected to lab machines, and for health reasons headphones are not provided. Students who wish to use applications requiring audio must provide their own headphones.

  7. Students who require portable copies must supply USB drives. These items are available for purchase in the University Bookstore and other local office supply and computer stores.

  8. Software shall not be loaded or run on any Aurora University laboratory computers or computer networks without the written approval of the Lab Manager.

  9. Computer or computer-related hardware installed in the Aurora University computer labs should not be disconnected or moved. Additional equipment should not be connected to any of the existing computer equipment in the labs.

  10. Posted lab hours will be enforced. Users of the Aurora University computer labs are expected to plan their work with the lab schedule in mind and to leave promptly at the published closing time.

  11. Lab staff on duty will be available to advise users on completing their academic work or other university-related tasks, but cannot do computer work on users’ behalf.

Policies Governing Instructional Use of the AU Labs

The Aurora University computer labs are generally available to students and faculty during the scheduled hours, but are available to instructors by special arrangement for group use by classes.


  1. Faculty who wish to use the labs for classroom purposes (and whose class has not already been assigned lab meeting space by the Registrar) may reserve a lab by submitting a request to the Registrar’s office using the online room reservation form located on the AU Intranet. Requests should be submitted at least one full week in advance.  Lab space will be available on a first-come first-served basis. A schedule will be posted outside each computer lab at the beginning of each week indicating available times.

  2. The Library Lab is reserved for walk-in use by students at all times and is not available for reserved classroom use.

  3. Software to be installed for instructional use at faculty request must be given to the lab manager three weeks before the start of the term for which the software will be used. The textbook request form at AU Intranet includes a section for software requests. A copy of the installation media along with related documentation will be retained by the Lab Manager as long as the software is installed in the labs.

  4. Software provided with textbooks are normally designed to be run directly from the CDs and is not installed on the lab machines. Faculty who require the use of these applications are asked to provide ITS staff with a sample disk three weeks before the start of the semester so that we can make sure the correct supporting software is installed on the lab image. Please note that older CD-ROM applications may not be usable in the labs because of incompatibilities with the current operating system and supporting applications.

  5. Instructors are responsible for testing software to be used in the labs in order to insure that it is working as desired, and for providing information to students on the use of the software. Because of the range of special-purpose instructional software installed in the computer labs, lab supervisors and attendants will not be able to assist students in the use of special-purpose software. Instructors who need assistance from ITS staff with setup and training should submit that request along with the initial reservation.

  6. Only classes which incorporate substantial hands-on student participation will be scheduled for the labs. Network-equipped classrooms and workstation/data projector equipment are available for instructors who wish to incorporate technology demonstrations into their classes.

  7. Information Technology Services will consider requests to open the lab outside of regularly scheduled hours under special circumstances in order to accommodate faculty requirements. All special requests for lab space should be routed through the online room reservation system. Last-minute requests can be directed to the lab manager but must be submitted at least one full working day before the day requested. Only ITS staff have the authority to disarm the alarm system and open the labs outside published lab hours. Requests to open the lab should not be directed to housekeeping, maintenance, or security staff.