Moodle Basics for Faculty


Need a lesson on how to get the most out of Moodle? You've come to the right place.

Behind the Scenes' in 60 seconds (1:06)

Start Here. A quick look at how it all works and what goes on behind the scenes (spoiler: you don't need an enrollment key). Includes: course creation, teacher / student enrollments, and general processes

General Navigation and Editing (5:13)

How to get around Moodle. Includes: layout, format, and editing icons

News Forum vs Forum (1:44)

How to use the news forum and create a discussion forum. Includes: news forum, emailing the class, and best practices

Removing Students (0:38)

How to remove students who have dropped or switched classes. Includes: unenrollment

Add a File (2:32)

How to add any file to your course shell. Includes: long method and drag-n-drop

Create an Assignment (2:21)

The very basics of setting up an assignment. Includes: date restrictions, accepting files, and accepting online text

Grade an Assignment (1:39)

Includes: feedback and grading assignments

Overview of Gradebook (1:59)

A quick intro to using the gradebook. Includes: assignments vs grade items, grade items vs categories, and general operation

Gradebook Setup (8:27)

Best practices when setting up a gradebook. Includes: natural aggregation, weightings, moving items and common pitfalls to avoid

Import Course Content (1:12)

How to copy content from a previous course into your new shell. Includes: importing and best practices

Manually Enroll Non-Editing Instructors (0:59)

How to add other faculty members to view your content. Includes: basic manual enrollment process