Network & WiFi


Aurora University's wireless network has a few different SSIDs (or identifying names) depending on the associated access and location. It is our goal to expand the accessibility, reliability, and security of all of our WiFi networks - wherever you are.


  Aurora Campus

AuroraUniversity is the primary wireless network for academic building and residence halls. Username and password is the same as your email. Depending on your account you will have varying levels of access to internal and external resources.


AuroraUniversityGuest is the wireless network to be used by guests that do not have an AU account.  There is no password, although, once you select the SSID you will be redirected to a terms of use page.  Please read through the terms of use agreement. If you are not automatically re-directed please open a browser and type in to get to the page.


ResHall-Devices is the Residence Hall wireless network for entertainment devices such as gaming consoles, wireless speakers, and streaming devices like Google Chromecast.  Please see ITS or Residence Hall Director for password

  Orchard Center

The wireless guide for Orchard Center is located here.

  George Williams College

GWC Wireless
GWC Wireless is the primary wireless network.  Username and Password will be the same as what you use for email.


GWC-Guest is the guest network for GWC visitors without Aurora University accounts.  There is no password and you will be required to acknowledge a splash page to gain Internet access.

  Woodstock Center

AuroraWC is the Woodstock Center's wireless network. Please see office staff for the security code.