Reset Your Password

1.)    Go to WebAdvisor and click on the “RESET AU PASSWORD” link on the left hand side. See figure 1.
2.)    Fill out your last name AND your social security number OR your AU ID number. See figure 2.
3.)    On the “Select an e-mail address” page, select a personal email that you can access. See figure 3.
4.)    Log in to your personal email and copy the temporary password. If you do not see the email, check your spam folder. See figure 4.
5.)    Log in to WebAdvisor. Your username will be [first initial][last name][number] (ex. cnorris01). Use the temporary password.
6.)    You will be prompted to change your password. (The “old/current password” field is the temporary password.)


Your new password must consist of 6-9 characters.  These characters include letters and numbers, no special characters such as (!@&#).  The new password cannot be a duplicate of the last four passwords used. 

Once a password has been reset, it will take approximately ONE hour until the new password can be used.


This password is for all Aurora University systems including Moodle, Email, WebAdvisor, Wi-Fi, and to log in to computers on campus.

Figure 1


Figure 2



Figure 3


Figure 4